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Entrepreneurs Without Borders
Empowering people to create a sustainable future

Entrepreneurs Without Borders create sustainable growth by matching impact companies with driven entrepreneurs.
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Entrepreneurs Without Borders
Empowering people to create a sustainable future

Entrepreneurs Without Borders create sustainable growth by matching impact companies with driven entrepreneurs.
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How Can We Help?


By providing models, tools and funding, EWB gives you as an entrepreneur the support needed to build sustainable, high-growth businesses in your own market.

After passing the initial screening phase, you will get registered in the EWB Entrepreneur Network database. When we find a match with a successful business that is suitable for your market, we introduce you to each other and start planning for how to franchise this business in your market. You prepare a final pitch that you present to the EWB funding committee and if you pass that, you receive the initial investment and mentoring needed to get started. Your compensation for your work is a combination of salary and equity in your franchise.

Do you have what it takes to create business success and prosperity in your home market?

Business Owners

EWB helps your business to expand globally, by connecting you with driven entrepreneurs that know their home market. We also support with funding to start the local entity.

To get started, apply to EWB’s Enterprise Network. After passing the initial screening you will be contacted by our business analysts that then work with you on finding the best market fits for expansion and preparing the franchise book for your specific business. We then match you with relevant talents in our entrepreneur pool, who in turn put together a concrete business plan.
This plan is pitched to the EWB Funding Committee and if successful, we will provide funding for the initiative. Throughout the entire process your IP will be protected by an ironclad NDA and full legal protection.

Does your business have the potential to create global positive impact? Do you want to see your business expand globally?


Our goal is to make impact investing a reliable method of investing, not just for the planet, but for the investor too. At EWB, we help investors find impactful and profitable investment opportunities. Our model is based on expanding already successful impact oriented companies, lowering the risk compared to impact investing in high risk start-ups.

By using our impact analysis model, we will also provide a tangible impact evaluation for every dollar invested to ensure that the money spent is going directly to improving the planet.

Are you ready to create more impact?

EWB Team


Donnie SC Lygonis

Founder  / Chairman of The Board

Donnie has been working with entrepreneurship and innovation for over 25 years, either running his own companies or helping others start theirs. He is an appreciated speaker on innovation and creativity, having spoken at 5 TEDx events and been part of 3 separate TV-series on innovation.


Miyabi Holm


Miyabi is a tech enthusiast and human rights activist with a background in IOT, manufacturing and starting her own global social enterprise. When she is not making sure things are progressing and running smoothly with EWB you can find her either teaching yoga or giving cooking classes online.


Duarte Sousa


Duarte is passionate about developing new projects and customize them to our partners. When he’s not managing the content of our Campus, you can find him designing futuristic houses in Dubai or surfing at the closest beach.


Sarp Duyar

Investment Manager

Sarp is a business developer with a background in political science and development economics, who is interested in the intersection of tech, start-ups and humanities. While not cobbling together investment reports or market analyses, he is digging through books on history, politics or sci-fi. He also plays in a metal band, and occasionally paints abstract artworks.”


Ole Lensmar

 CTO / Admin

Ole has been fascinated by tech since he got his hands on a zx-81 in the early 80:ies – he’s helped build, grow and sell a couple of technology companies over the years and is now proud and happy to be part of the EWB team creating the ultimate online platform for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere.


Deborah B. Lygonis


Deborah has +25 years of experience starting and managing digital tech startups as well as working as a startup coach. Her role in EWB is to keep track of all admin and financials. When not working Deborah loves gardening, watching movies and hanging out with her daughter in the stables.

EWB Summit

The EWB Summit is an annual conference where we bring together some of the worlds best thinkers and doers to meet and discuss how we together can help the world change to the better.

EWB Award

The EWB Award is an annual prize ceremony where we award the person(s) or organization that we feel has done, and does, the most to promote sustainable, equal and socially responsible business in the world.


Save the Date! December 14th 2021

Make sure to save this date, December 14th, 2021 for this years EWB SUMMIT & AWARD! We will be meeting physically again as well as broadcasting live, so join us from all over the world for an afternoon of talks, discussions and Awards ceremony.

Signup for our newsletter to get more information about joining this exciting event. It is also our 5th birthday!


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