Entrepreneurs Without Borders

Empowering founders to create a sustainable future

We help early stage founders start and grow sustainable businesses. We believe all business should be equal, socially responsible and aligned with the UN 17 Global Development Goals.



The Entrepreneur2030™ framework is based on the idea that all entrepreneurship needs to be socially responsible and aligned with the UN 17 Global Development Goals (SDGs). 


EWB Virtual Campus

The EWB Virtual Campus is an online platform where aspiring entrepreneurs & startups from all over the world come together to learn and help each other evolve. We offer a program, based on our Entrepreneur2030™ framework, an inclusive Nordic/ Scandinavian approach to business focused on the UN 17 SDGs. The program is developed in collaboration with the Swedish incubation system. 

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make a positive impact in the world with your ideas?

Are you an Incubator/co-working space that would like to offer our programs at your premises?

Are you an established corporation that wants to learn the ways of an Entrepreneur2030?

EWB Team


Donnie SC Lygonis

Founder & Board member

Donnie has been working with entrepreneurship and innovation for over 25 years, either running his own companies or helping others start theirs. He is an appreciated speaker on innovation and creativity, having spoken at 5 TEDx events and been part of 3 separate TV-series on innovation.


Hanna Sörefelt

Head of Operations

‘Get the pieces together and move EWB into the unknown future state with confidence that we can adapt to it and create great things together.’- This is where Hanna thrives and has gained experience as innovation consultant, entrepreneur and executive coach. Business and people development are her special superpowers. Hanna is crazy about mountains! She never misses a chance to go skiing, hiking, running or challenge herself on a surfboard.


Alexander Jackson

Business Development Manager

Alex finds himself on the front lines of business development, finding ways to work with partners to produce outcomes greater than the sum of its parts. Appreciative of a good learning curve, he is fond of gaming, improv comedy, Ultimate Frisbee and storytelling.


Duarte Sousa

Program manager

Duarte is passionate about developing new projects and customize them to our partners. When he’s not managing the content of our Campus, you can find him designing futuristic houses in Dubai or surfing at the closest beach.


Jasna Anicic

Education manager

Jasna has 20 years’ worth of experience of organisational learning management from the local level to intergovernmental commissions. Believes that intercultural communication is essential to global business. Codes are everything. She also believes that she can read 100 books per year and still have a life. Life objects.


Katarzyna Kemska

Project manager

Kat ensures that our community runs smoothly and leads EWB projects from start to finish. Experienced in agile management, design thinking, and team leadership, loves to take new challenges and never stops learning. Structured and pragmatic in complete balance with the inner geek. Appreciative of nature and art, Kat knits and plays board games in her free time.


Mizgin Kanat

Marketing Manager

Mizgin has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and communication, One of her biggest passions are to travel and interact with people with different backgrounds and cultures. She speak 5 languages, and aim to learn more. She appreciates working with projects that impacts peoples lives positively, and strongly believes that in order to receive you need to give.


Ole Lensmar


Ole has been fascinated by tech since he got his hands on a zx-81 in the early 80:ies – he’s helped build, grow and sell a couple of technology companies over the years and is now proud and happy to be part of the EWB team creating the ultimate online platform for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere.


Erica Mori

Grants & Applications

Erica has a background in the tourism and travel industry, where she is specialized in the content creation, team and business to business management filed. She loves to travel and spending time outdoors gain new experiences and wish to never stop learning new things. Erica is passionate about environmental questions and human rights.


Nida Nausherwan

Grants & Applications

Nida is passionate about human behaviour, development and cultures. Not to sound nerdy, but when she’s not working you’ll find her going through cooking blogs, dreaming about an animal sanctuary and indulging in her love for new places.


Salome Khachiauri

Project leader

Salome loves creativity and exploring new ideas. She is passionate about supporting innovative businesses and has been working to build Georgia’s innovation ecosystem. She supports EWB to initiate new projects and implement them. During her spare time, she bakes delicious cakes and sings like a rock star.


Deborah B. Lygonis

Board member & CFO

Deborah has +25 years of experience starting and managing digital tech startups as well as working as a startup coach. Her role in EWB is to keep track of all admin and financials. When not working Deborah loves gardening, watching movies and hanging out with her daughter in the stables.


Walter Del Castillo


Walter is an entrepreneur. He runs on a vision and has an eye for seeing patterns and connecting the dots for action. A people’s person that hustles. When he is not providing EWB pro-bono advice on strategy, fundraising/business development, and program content, he consults in impact investing and international development. Walter scuba dives and oil paints.


Siri Maassen


Siri has a great passion, knowledge and experience on sustainability issues and how communication can contribute to the transition. She has over twelve years of work experience in developing sustainability communication in different types of organizations. At EWB Siri contributes as a strategic advisor linked to sustainability and communication issues. In her spare time, Siri plays saxophone and keyboard or runs a heavy workout in the gym.


Peder Nilsson


Peder has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. He has been working both with startups, and as an advisor to large corporations all over the world. At EWB he advises on Business Development, Strategy and fundraising. Peder likes to spend time at the gym and explore nature.


Leanne Stewart

Business coach

Leanne came to Entrepreneurs Without Borders as its first Virtual Academy business coach. Starting with the EWB pilot program, she has been working closely with each of the start ups she coaches to ensure they’re equipped and able to focus on moving their business and team forward to reach their goals. When she’s not volunteering with EWB she provides strategy and business/team development services to clients world-wide (U.S., South Africa, Ireland, Sweden) through her company, Ideations.

EWB Summit

The EWB Summit is an annual conference where we bring together some of the worlds best thinkers and doers to meet and discuss how we together can help the world change to the better.

EWB Award

The EWB Award is an annual prize ceremony where we award the person(s) or organization that we feel has done, and does, the most to promote sustainable, equal and socially responsible business in the world.


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