Helping entrepreneurs all over the world build a better future

A vision with a hands-on approach

Entrepreneurs Without Borders is a vision of a globally connected network of innovation offices that help local entrepreneurs progress from idea to reality, sharing ideas across and with the world. Offices staffed by people that want to work with all things that are needed to help entrepreneurs forward; business development, legal councils, patent engineers, team mentors etc. so instead of going out on a mission as a nurse or doctor to Doctors Without Borders, you can go on a mission as a business developer to Entrepreneurs Without Borders.

Until we have our physical offices in place(es), we are working with universities and enabling students to spend time as an intern at a startup in an emerging country. An intern that is coached and mentored by the EWB network, meaning that the startup itself becomes mentored and coached. We also run CSR projects where established corporations let their employees spend time solving an defined need or problem for a socially oriented startup in an emerging market.

If you are a student looking for an internship or master thesis work, contact us!

If you are a socially oriented startup in an emerging country, contact us!

If you are an established corporation that wants to help, contact us!

We now have  a global team, lot’s of wonderful people all over the world that want to help, and we have run a couple of pilots with our CSR project where we help socially engaged startups get specific tech work done by large corporations as CSR work from their side.

We are always looking for mentors, experts and people with knowledge or experience that is worth sharing, so please join up and start helping out.

EWB is built on the foundation of givers gain and pay it forward culture, so join to give, not to get. By giving you’ll always get more back. Wherever we go we meet people that are trying to build a better world, improve life on the planet, take a borderless and global approach to new, sustainable and socially responsible projects.

It’s like we all spoke the same language, the language of entrepreneurship. There are millions of us out there that want to make a change for the better, that want to reach out and help each other, across prejudice and borders, across politics and polarization.

Because fair business should be good business.

So please, join EWB today and help us help.

Donnie SC Lygonis
Founder EWB

Stockholm, April 2017  

Meet the team

EWB is made possible by a number of people from all over the world, let us know if you want to help out!

Linn Linnström

Stockholm & San Franscisco

Viktor Gustafsson

Stockholm & Paris

Deborah Lygonis

Göteborg, Sweden

Erica Buck

Stephen Bracegirdle


Shishir Garg

San Francisco

Dan Nerén


Derik Kim

Seoul, Korea

India Rose M-Daley

Los Angeles

Alyssa Haas

Los Angeles


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