Our projects

We are initially focusing on two main types of projects:

  1. Business development and business creation by initially matching ambitious students with socially responsible startups in emerging countries. The student does either an internship or master thesis work for 3-12 months.
  2. Matching socially responsible startups with established corporations to help them with specific projects (CSR Projects).


If you are socially responsible startup that would like a student intern, master thesis work done or if you have specific technical needs, get in touch!

Flowius - Summer internship 2018!

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Flowius designs, builds, and supports piped water systems that are so radically affordable that rural homes and farms living on $1.50 a day in Ethiopia can have water piped to them. Flowius combines a network of rurally-based franchises to support pipe networks; a suite of mobile tools for mapping (Flowius Collect), operation and maintenance (Flowius Manage), and franchise management (Flowius Connect); and an engineering philosophy emphasizing radical affordability.

NEED: Strategic planning, financial/franchising modelling

Tatarri - Summer internship 2018!

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

Tatarri is a mobile marketplace that matches local demand of small chores with (primarily) students who need to find ways of making money during their studies. The project was inspired by the challenge in societies that doesn’t have a system for students to survive economically while studying. Tatarri aims to solve this problem by offering students a way to earn a pocket money and at the same time give them valuable work experience which will  open doors to companies and industries once they graduate.

NEED: Social Media & Growth Hacking, continued UX/UI design

Adena Coffee - Mentoring

Sumatra, Indonesia

Adena Coffee started as a social research project but has now moved on to being a startup working with local farmers develop winning quality coffee which can satisfy the needs of downstream market. Fair-trade, good communication and giving back to community are Adena Coffees three main values. EWB supports with business development as well as future internships.

HelptoHelp - Completed

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish startup Helptohelp needed help with a new payment solution and EWB matched them with a group of senior developers from one of the big banks in Sweden and ran a series of workshops to help them define their needs as well as suggest suitable solutions.


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