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Entrepreneurs Without Borders (EWB) is registered as a fundraising foundation under Swedish law with registration number: 802480-7789.

Insamlingsstiftelsen Entrepreneurs Without Borders är registerad i Västra Götalands Län med organisationsnummer: 802480-7789

The main purpose of the foundation is to support local founders all over the world start, run and grow sustainable projects & businesses, and also be instrumental in spreading best practices worldwide.

The key activities of the foundation shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Award stipends and grants to enable educational activities and support for socially oriented entrepreneurship in developing countries

2. Award an annual prize to the person/people or organisation whom EWB considers have helped, promoted or exhibited socially oriented entrepreneurship in an exemplary manner.

3. Operate and maintain the EWB website www.ewb.world.

We accept donations by credit cards, Swish and by direct deposit to our Swedish bank account at SEB:

Swish number: +46 1231 66 48 53

Account number: 5001-10 830 26
IBAN SE1250000000050011083026

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